Three Cheers for a Guy and His Bag

006I’ve often wondered how guys do it… Carrying a small wallet. I’ve often tried to downsize my purse only to about have a meltdown, trying to figure out what to eliminate. So, REALLY, how do guys do it???

Some guys don’t have to worry about it because they’ve added a messenger to their ensemble and it makes their lives 100% easier. For business, it’s become a staple… I have to wonder if anyone carries briefcases anymore??? You rarely see them. They require a hand to hold them; so generally, the hands free messenger is a clear winner.

Once upon a time the idea of a man carrying a bag was mocked and sometimes it’s still the way it plays out (you will enjoy the included video link), but with lives on the go, it only makes sense. Even some of the guys I know joke about their bags, as their “man purse” (being big Hangover fans they wanted me to post that scene, but thought it might offend some with the language), but they are lost when they walk out of their homes without them.

So, here’s to the brave and extremely smart men that acknowledge that carrying a bag is useful… Even when they still tease us when we carry large (and VERY useful) bags in our day-to-day life. Cheers, gentlemen! You’re wise and likely quite successful (you’d have to be, just for “getting it”). Life moves too fast to not be ready for EVERY contingency, for men or women.

Stand tall, stand proud. You’re ready… For ANYTHING.

Have a great week and enjoy the clip…