About Me…

Welcome to my crazy little world!

My life is ruled by fun little critters and I like it that way. Along with creative and puppet passions, a twisted outlook on life, aging and spreading sunshine… I’ll be sharing all sorts of fun!

Areas to watch for:

  • Cozy vintage vibes, sweetly gothic feels, and retro fun, wherever it’s found.
  • As a Golden Girl fanatic, you’ll see the ladies often in my world (my inspiration on so many levels).
  • Sharing my latest reads, fun mysteries and true crime.
  • My friends are a little different, but especially fun to be around.
  • Talking to yourself is encouraged here…
  • Recipes that are easy and delicious (with items you likely already have on hand).
  • Crafts based on upcylcing your old junk into fun gifts or items you’ll use.

So kick off your shoes (put on your fluffiest slippers), pour yourself a beverage, and let’s relax…

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