Are You An Original???

iStock_000007125442_ExtraSmallBlending in… Some people live their lives to do so, but it’s not something I can do. I never try to be a spectacle, but being exactly like everyone else just isn’t something I can be.

You don’t have to be an attention grabber or make a fool of yourself on a daily basis, just be you. You need to be the way you were born to be. Be an original.

Whether it is how you look, the bag you carry, or the hobbies you engage in, follow your heart. Following the crowd doesn’t bring happiness. Happiness is drawn to originals, much like people are drawn to works of art and you are a beautiful work of art.

So this week, be the original you were meant to be… Shine beautifully.


Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. ~Steve Jobs

Three Cheers for a Guy and His Bag

006I’ve often wondered how guys do it… Carrying a small wallet. I’ve often tried to downsize my purse only to about have a meltdown, trying to figure out what to eliminate. So, REALLY, how do guys do it???

Some guys don’t have to worry about it because they’ve added a messenger to their ensemble and it makes their lives 100% easier. For business, it’s become a staple… I have to wonder if anyone carries briefcases anymore??? You rarely see them. They require a hand to hold them; so generally, the hands free messenger is a clear winner.

Once upon a time the idea of a man carrying a bag was mocked and sometimes it’s still the way it plays out (you will enjoy the included video link), but with lives on the go, it only makes sense. Even some of the guys I know joke about their bags, as their “man purse” (being big Hangover fans they wanted me to post that scene, but thought it might offend some with the language), but they are lost when they walk out of their homes without them.

So, here’s to the brave and extremely smart men that acknowledge that carrying a bag is useful… Even when they still tease us when we carry large (and VERY useful) bags in our day-to-day life. Cheers, gentlemen! You’re wise and likely quite successful (you’d have to be, just for “getting it”). Life moves too fast to not be ready for EVERY contingency, for men or women.

Stand tall, stand proud. You’re ready… For ANYTHING.

Have a great week and enjoy the clip…

Is Your Purse Prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse???

134796_4861590102648_920855694_oIf you were minding your own business and strolling down the street (or across the Georgia countryside) and you casually noticed that the zombie apocalypse had taken place, would you be able to take on the undead???  I understand that as a mom it can be hard to tell, with the moans, groans and grunts coming from our kids, but you will eventually see the difference in how your kids are NOW trying to suck the life out of you.

I’m not a “prepper” or a believer in the zombie apocalypse, just a HUGE fan of The Walking Dead and a gal that carries just about EVERYTHING imaginable in her purse (not to mention, that I’m into so very many things). I’m prepared for most disasters and have shown this during some odd adventures in my life (roofs blowing off or severe storms and packing customers in a cooler to protect them from a possible tornado). I don’t know how I do it, but have a knack for being in the middle of natural disasters (and the cause of a few), so being “prepared” has become a something I find wise to do.

From flash lights to a cool purple kubotan, band aids to candy and enough pens to write my way around the moon and back. There are other goodies in there, but those are for another day.  I’ve tried to downsize to a little purse, but I need my “tools” just in case! So a tiny bag is just not in the cards. Am I alone in this desire to always be prepared??? Hope not!

What do you carry? A little? A lot? More than any sane individual should????  Even being “prepared” you need to also realize that your shoulder can only take so much weight. Don’t hurt yourself. Ideally, your purse should weigh no more than 10% or your body weight or 10lbs (whichever is less) and even as much as I carry, I don’t break this rule… Neither should you.

So the next time you look in your bag, ask yourself, “Am I ready for the zombie apocalypse?” Or just ask yourself if you’re prepared to open a sealed package and see if you are… You NEVER know what emergency might happen. Just don’t hurt yourself. 🙂




Better Than Sex!

You’ve searched far and wide for the perfect one… There, hanging out with so many others, but your love is in the black leather and looking amazingly cool and sexy. You know how much you want to touch, running your hands all over the leather and fondling every inch… You can’t help, but play with the buttons, snaps and zippers.

Even better… The price. What is that??? Is that 75% off??? Oh my goodness! You’re heart is pounding and your palms are starting to sweat. Should you make the investment? Oh and it IS an investment. An investment in your wellbeing.

The warm “fuzzies” are happening and you’re thinking of all you can wear with it. Oh this is bliss and there’s nothing else you can say about the most perfect bag in the world. It doesn’t matter the designer, we all have our favorites. From Vera to Gucci, the sky is the limit and they each make you feel amazing.

There’s something so special about a new purse and how it makes you feel. The worst of days can often be cured by the purchase of that wonderful new bag and if you find a fabulous deal… Well that is just the icing on the cake. A cake you just can’t help, but try.

Find an amazing sale on a purse and it makes you feel as light as a feather and pretty as a picture. It truly is magic and magic you can control. Look at it as a sport or an art, it doesn’t matter, just search and find the most incredible deal and you will find a power that builds you up like no other.

The magic lies in the deal and the power is yours.

The perfect bag, at the perfect price.

Yes, sweetheart, it is truly better than sex.