Getting Back to Simple

100_2014When did life get so complicated??? I don’t remember when my life wasn’t so cluttered or even how it all happened, but without a doubt I WILL remember when this craziness ends and it will be soon! It has become the elephant in the room that I’m none too fond of and seriously looking for a way to send him packing. It’s just a matter of finding a plan of attack to this project… BUT like the old saying asks, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” For me, one bite at a time is the only way I won’t end up hiding in the fetal position, somewhere in the house.

Over the years, I’ve bought countless organization books, magazines, and supplies, but have never implemented the ideas within. Now, I’m too tired of moving things around and making no noticeable progress.

Have you ever been or are you at the same point? I can tell you, without a doubt that I’m beyond sick of it. There’s a peace that comes from living a simple life; I want this and can bet that others of you feel the same way.

So, how do we get from point A to point B? For me, it began with several visits from the Vietnam Veterans of America, as you can schedule pickups at your convenience. I adore our veterans, so this seemed like a good place to start with a “win/win” solution. I’m still a long way from my desired goal, but this has helped weed out a lot and knowing that I’m helping others feels good (which helps the process).

The next phase is eliminating, while gaining some much needed cash. I’ve started listing purses, totes, and clothes among other things on eBay, to additionally clear the clutter. This is a solid idea, especially when you are a clothes horse, much like I am. I have to ask… Why do we save so many articles of clothing that we will never wear again??? Is it sentimentality or something else? For me, I think that a big part of it is the sentimentality aspect. I’m absurdly sentimental! I still have my 24 year old’s stuffed Barney the Dinosaur and the sleeper his first photos were taken in… Why? Because I get all squishy when I touch and look at them. Therein lies the challenge, deciding and actually letting go.

We need to make a plan and FOLLOW THROUGH! I’ve made it my goal to eliminate three bags (large garbage sized bags) per week. Whether it’s donated, sold, or tossed, it MUST go. This is a doable challenge, but even with that; don’t expect this to be an overnight fix. It takes time. We didn’t accumulate all this nonsense and baggage overnight; don’t expect to eliminate it overnight, without a dumpster.

So this week join me in starting this challenge and eliminate three bags from your life… Please feel free to share what you did to simplify your life… Each week, I hope to share more downsizing tips and how I’m doing with the process and once I reach my goal, I hope to share some photos that will blow you away.

Have a wonderful week and work to simplify your lives…

Another Mother’s Day… And Some Sage Advice.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there… Some may be doing the breakfast in bed thing and getting taken out to lunch, but most of us, its business as usual. We’ll still be fixing the meals, doing the dishes, and transporting kids “somewhere.”

If you haven’t been at this that long, you could be feeling a little resentful, but for those of us that have been at this for 25+ years… Well, we know how it works and have learned that it’s best to not have expectations, lest you be disappointed. Go get yourself what you want (I bought myself a jelly maker) and enjoy it. If I waited for someone in this household to EVER “get” the hints or even demands, I’d be ticked off most of the time.

I’m one hell of a gift giver and frankly no one here, comes close, so it’s best for me to just do it myself. Besides, we are likely the best shoppers among our crews, anyhow.

Don’t worry, they love you… And one day it will be them feeling unappreciated. That’s when your gifts will get better and you’ll get the real “Thank You, Mom” from them. You’ll also likely get asked how you allowed them to even survive, but one day they WILL understand.

Remember that all those moms that are posting these wonderful gifts on Facebook, making you feel even more unappreciated, have their days, as well. We only post the good stuff on Facebook and by the end of the day; they will likely want to “string” their kids up somewhere for arguing about cleaning their rooms, doing their chores, or any of the millions of other areas kids argue about.

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day and keep smiling… Our kid’s kids will one day think that their parents “don’t get it” and that they’re the most uncool people on earth, so life is good.

In the mean time, go shopping, buy yourself a nice gift, and remember that karma will eventually take care of it. 😉

Have a great day!